Ben Bochner is Ken Kesey’s “Rogue Reader”

Ben BochnerBehold! The fascinating tale of how Ben fell from grace in the eyes of his idol, Ken Kesey, becoming Kesey’s “Rogue Reader.”

During the academic year of 1987-1988, Ken Kesey taught a graduate-level creative writing class of thirteen students at the University of Oregon. He charged the group with producing a full-length novel in one school year, which they did, publishing Caverns under the name O.U. Levon (Novel University of Oregon backwards) in 1990.

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The Critics Have Spoken!

“I felt like I was wrapped in a handspun quilt made of America.”
–Ethan Nelson, Eugene, OR

“The Keith Jarrett of folk…”
-Timothy Michael Shaw
singer-songwriter for My Father’s Ghost

“I had the good fortune of meeting Ben this past Christmas Day. A mutual good friend, Sue Young, invited us over. The three of us spent hours in great fellowship. Ben and Sue traded songs on their guitars like a family would. We all were invited to harmonize, do back-up vocals, and discuss the songs. It was such a unique experience! I am a piano player. I am predominantly tied to the printed music, This experience with Ben freed me up to just sing and enjoy. Ben’s songs are very spiritual and have a deep message. I so support his mission to create a unique venue and to bring back a sense of community. What have you got to lose? You invite him over, invite a few friends, enjoy, and pass the hat to pay him. When my house is in order, I will do just that. Meanwhile I urge you to support this very special songwriter.”
-Susan Boulden

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